My Story

I truly believe I was born to create something awesome for others to enjoy. I also believe in soulmates and the idea that two people can be hand chosen by God just for one another. These two beliefs are at the foundation of why I do what I do and when I am trusted to document someones wedding day it gives me the greatest sense of  purpose.

Marriage is VERY important and capturing your wedding day is a way for me to thank God for the talents he’s given me while at the same time helping to celebrating what he’s given you. It’s a win-win.

Jerrell Trulove | Austin wedding photographer

Carrying on The Trulove Legacy

Aside from what you just read, there's a deeper meaning behind why I love shooting weddings and why I feel this was always meant to be. My father passed away when I was 12 years old and some time after his passing I learned that when he was younger he used to play live music and sing at weddings around the state of California where he lived at the time. (he was a singer and talented piano and organ player).

As I think about how my life's journey has led me to where I am currently, I can't help but feel like my father lives on through me. As I think about the passion and emotion my father would express while he would sing and play, I feel like I bring that same level of dedication when I'm behind the lens. So for me it goes deeper than just pressing the shutter button. I know my father is proudly looking down on me as I bring passion, creativity and expression to every wedding like he used to.

This isn't just photography. This is legacy.

Enough about me. Take a moment to check out my work.