What I Believe

I truly believe I was born to create something awesome for others to enjoy. It excites me when couples trust me to document their wedding day celebration and gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment and purpose. Right now I'm having the time of my life celebrating marriage with happy couples near and far. 

My goal is to capture the unique spirit of each wedding as accurately as I possibly can. When you feel like you were there by looking at the moments I created with the bride and groom then I've done my job.

Jerrell Trulove | Austin wedding photographer

Carrying on The Trulove Legacy

Aside from what you just read, there's a deeper meaning behind why I love shooting weddings and why I feel this was always meant to be. My father passed away when I was 12 years old and some time after his passing I learned that when my dad was younger he used to play live music and sing at weddings around the state of California where he lived at the time. (he was a singer and talented piano and organ player).

As I think about how my life's journey has led me to where I am currently, I can't help but feel like my father lives on through me. As I think about the passion and emotion my father would express while he would sing and play, I feel like I bring that same level of dedication when I'm behind the lens. So for me it goes deeper than just pressing the shutter button. I know my father is proudly looking down on me as I bring that same level of passion, creativity and expression to every wedding like he used to.

This isn't just photography. This is legacy.

What to Expect

After trusting me to shoot your wedding day celebration there are a handful of things that are guaranteed to happen. 

1. We are going to have a great time together - If you don't like to laugh and have fun then we probably won't see eye to eye. Yes, I take what I do very seriously and I deliver on my promise of quality and professionalism BUT I've discovered that the key to making your wedding day seamless and enjoyable is simpy having fun. I promise we'll have a great time together all day long. Smiles always help calm the those wedding day jitters.

2. We are going to create great memories together - I've heard from several clients over the following years that they are 'not good in front of the camera.' Well, when working together it's not how good you are in front of my camera but how good you two are together. Focus on each other and be present in the moment and there's absolutely no way we won't create magic together. It never fails. 

3. We are going to celebrate together - Yes! We're going to celebrate together. I'm going to hit the cupid shuffle AND the wobble with you, I'm going to eat 2.5 slices of cake with and I'll tie everyone's bow tie if need be. I'm able to do what I do at the highest level when I become as involved as possible with you two throughout the day. I just makes everything work better.

This is what puts my clients at ease and this is what they always thank me for at the end of the day.

Enough about me. Take a moment to check out my work.