Elizabeth & Sydney Riverwalk Engagement Session | Austin Wedding Photographer

I'm always happy when I get the chance to be a part of someone's love story. (cliché, I know). I was fortunate enough to connect with Elizabeth and Sydney online and we planned a quick hour-long engagement session down the southern part of the Riverwalk in San Antonio. I hadn't been to that part of the Riverwalk but I really enjoyed all of the nooks and crannies (yes, nooks and crannies) that were available for us to explore! #nooksandcrannies

Elizabeth and Sydney were great to work with. So loving and affectionate towards each other which made my job super easy. One thing I love about what I do is changing my clients' perception of what it means to be 'in front of the camera.' Oftentimes people think it means awkward poses and saying cheese over and over but that couldn't be further from the truth. In my opinion, it's all about encouraging two people to enjoy a moment with each other and forget that I'm even there. And ANYBODY can do that. 

This is my third time shooting an engagement session in San Antonio and I think it's starting to grow on me. Wishing I could shoot their wedding later this year in Arkansas but happy we were able to capture these moments together. Until next time SA!

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