5 must haves on your wedding day

On your wedding day you should want things to go as smooth as possible. From what I've seen it's always the little things that get overlooked and can cause unneeded frustration and stress. And with so much planning and anticipation, tiny details that are missed can be a big drain on your energy and peace of mind. 

Make sure you're prepared for your wedding day with these items that help make everything easier. 


I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone say "Hey, where's the steamer?" to which someone replies, "I don't know, I thought you brought it." Don't let this happen to you. Make sure on your wedding day checklist you have a steamer to keep your dresses and suits looking flawless before you walk down the aisle. 

Check out this steamer from PurSteam. Heats up in one minute, portable and comes with a carrying case. Regardless of what brand you go with, make sure you have one with you just in case your dresses and suits show up wrinkled.

steamer for your wedding day


It always helps to have your favorite tunes with you on your wedding day. Keeps the vibes positive and helps you forget about the 2 million things that might be stressing you at any given moment. For me, listing to music is something I need daily and on the most important day of your life, don't forget to keep the jams coming. 

Check out this speaker from JBL. Crisp sound, rugged design AND it's waterproof. Perfect for dealing with kids or spilled drinks on your wedding day without skipping a beat.

wedding bluetooth speaker


On your wedding day you need to piece together a survival kit that will help combat the unknown. You may need some of it or you may need all of it but making sure you have it is key. It should include bobby pins, safety pins, paper clips, gum, band-aids, aspirin/tylenol, hand sanitizer and whatever else you feel might be necessary for your big day.

Your best bet would be to find one online and then add a few items as needed. I found one on Amazon from Yacanna. It includes lots of great items and comes in a travel sized bag great for throwing in a purse on your way out the door. Toss in a few extras and you're good to go.

wedding day survival kit


On your wedding day, you're probably going to want a drink or two. It's a celebration and a glass of wine with your favorite people is never a bad thing. Although there are some bottles of wine with a regular twist cap, make sure you are able to pop open that bottle of grape juice with ease regardless. 

Check out this electric opener from Ozeri complete with cordless operation and foil cutter. Stands alone by itself and illuminates during operation and charging. With the touch of a button you're ready to have a sip. (or two)

wedding day wine bottle opener


In the smartphone era, we need power!! Whether it be to call a bridesmaid who needs directions or to call your wedding planner to request more snacks to your bridal suite, make sure you and everyone in the room have battery power all day long without having to remember a charging block or deal with a lack of wall outlets. 

I found a pretty dope USB station online that has 6 ports and includes smart charging for two tablets, two iPhones and two android phones. It stands upright and comes in a few different colors. Making sure you have juice to power through your day is key. Don't leave home without this bad boy. It can also come in handy for traveling of any sort, especially large groups.


On your wedding day, preparation is key. Leaving things until the mast minute can waste precious time and can stress you out more than you realize. Be sure to set aside time to plan your day well in advance and be sure to cover all your bases. If you want to check out any of the items in this list, click below! 


Cheap Client or Something Else?

Think about your first 5 star restaurant experience (or close to it). You check out the menu and everything looks amazing. You decide on lobster tail with a glass of chardonnay and wait in anticipation. When your meal arrives your waitress places a bite sized lobster tail with garnish in front of you. You mumble under your breath “Is that it?”

You feel a bit underwhelmed by the portion size but after tasting it you quickly realize it’s the BEST lobster you’ve ever had in your entire life. The tab arrives. $110 for three bites of lobster tail and a glass of your favorite wine.

So what does this have to do with photography? Everything.

One thing we as photographers struggle with is successfully communicating our worth to potential clients. The biggest frustration is dealing with the ‘cheap’ client. But earlier in 2017 I had an epiphany.

People who aren’t willing to pay what you charge aren’t cheap. 


But how is that possible? 

They said they wanted photos

They said they liked your work

You met their budget

They still didn’t book.

So what happened? 

I don't believe it's because they are cheap. I believe it's because they don’t value what you are offering enough to pay what you are asking. It’s just that simple. For instance, the same guy who is unwilling to pay for a $6 drink at Starbucks will turn around and spend $30 on Stance socks. The same woman who would never spend more than $8 on socks will drop $350 at Lulu Lemon in a heart beat. See where I’m going with this? So the same couple who spends money on lots of other things might be unwilling to pay what they perceive to be an exorbitant amount of money when it’s their first time hiring a professional. 

I don’t blame them. New experiences can make people trust their inner skeptic more than anything else. And even though they told you what they wanted and you are offering it on a silver platter, sometimes that might not be enough. 

So as a photographer, what can you do? The simple answer is nothing. You can’t control how others feel or react to what you’re offering. This holds true for any business or individual who is offering their products or services in exchange for money. The only thing you can do is work on providing more value for your potential clients. If they see what you have as something they need, then they’ll work with you. If not, you smile and let them know how amazing it was to have met them. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt as though the client said no to what you considered to be the perfect solution for them? It happens. And as much as it may bruise your ego a bit, understand that it’s not your goal to turn everyone into a believer.

To quote the great Seth Godin ‘It’s not your job to scream to the masses, it’s your job to whisper to your tribe and hope they listen.”

So stop screaming and do a little more whispering. Work on your craft (whatever that may be) Add value. Connect. The rest will take care of itself. 

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