The Ghost Inquiry

‘The Ghost Inquiry ' is one of the most nerve-racking, stress inducing, teeth grinding things that happens in the wedding industry and I think I speak for all professionals when I say…….why?!?!? (in my best Kenan & Kel voice.)

Picture this…

You’re chilling at a coffee shop and you get an email notification on your phone. You’ve got a new inquiry! You get a rush of ‘potential client’ excitement as you browse their details; Name, date, contact information, location of the wedding and the following message. “Hey. I love your work and would love to know if you have availability for our date. If so, would really like to see your prices/packages. Thanks!” You slide over to your calendar to discover that you are available for their big day. Eureka!

Here’s where it gets fun. You call them immediately and they neither answer the phone nor return your call. You email and you hear nothing. You text them and you hear absolutely nothing. You use every single method of communication up to and including carrier pigeons, sign language, smoke signals, morse code and FedEx overnight. They literally disappear from the face of the earth as if they never even contacted you in the first place. 

You, my friend, have officially fallen victim to the ghost inquiry. My only question is why do people do this? Why would someone take the time to fill out a contact form only to NEVER respond any reply? The only answer I can really come up with is that people are just too busy to reply or they feel guilty that after reaching out they decided to choose someone else or circumstances changed and they decided not to choose anyone. Either way, let me be the first to say this to you.

You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by saying no. As a matter of fact, I’d encourage it!

In all honesty a simple, “Hey, we actually found someone, but thanks for the reply” or "Hey, we decided to go in a different direction" is all it would take. Don't get me wrong. I am completely aware of all the effort, time and energy that goes into planning a wedding and I know that you can lose track of the dozens of emails and correspondence you have all the vendors you’ll be hiring. BUT, if you could send a simple one sentence email to let us know that you’ve found someone, it would be super helpful. AND, hearing feedback about why you decided to choose someone else is actually a good thing as it helps us learn more about what we can do to serve future clients better! It's a win for everyone.

To anyone reading this, please take the time to respond, even if it's a no. And too all of my wedding vendors out there, stay strong and rage against the ghost inquiry!!

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7 great wedding venues in Corpus Christi: Updated for 2018!

As a wedding photographer I've had the opportunity to shoot at some great wedding venues. One thing I like about Corpus Christi is that if you're getting married you have a variety of places to choose. From beach venues to museums to rustic urban settings. Regardless of your wedding size or your vision, you'll be able to find a venue that can give you exactly what you need.

Whether you're hosting 300 guests or choose to cater to a smaller, more intimate group of friends and family, Corpus Christi offers several different wedding venue options to take care of you on your wedding day.


Here you'll find a list of 5 wedding venues in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas that I've updated for 2018. I consider these to be great choices for any bride and groom to be. Enjoy!

The Solomon P. Ortiz Center

The Ortiz Center is the ultimate venue if you are looking for a modern, industrial wedding feel. Located right under the historic harbor bridge, this wedding venue provides great opportunities for iconic portraits sure to capture the spirit of the city. Their Corpus Christi Ballroom setting offers seating for more than 500 guests with a direct view of the bay, cargo ships and all. The large windows in this room allow for tons of natural light which is great for pictures from sun up to sun down.

If you are looking for a venue that is centrally located, exudes urban and industrial vibes and can accommodate a large number of guests on your wedding day, consider choosing the Ortiz center as your wedding venue in Corpus Christi.

The Courtyard @ Gaslight Square

This wedding venue is great! What you'll really enjoy about this venue is the combination of indoor and out door spaces and the large oak tree that dominates the central courtyard. Located in the downtown area, this venue is one of the hidden gems of Corpus Christi and shooting here is always pleasure.

The Courtyard at Gaslight Square offers in house catering from Diamond Point Catering and is the perfect setting for couples looking to have an outdoor wedding without having to travel outside of town. And with all in one packages, you can't go wrong with this place. I'd suggest choosing the courtyard if you're planning a smaller to medium sized wedding but still want a premium experience. You can't go wrong.

The Ranch at San Patricio

One of the premier venues in the Corpus Christi area, this venue is pretty epic. Several acres of land which include swings, large trees, vintage cars and plenty of sun. Add to it private rooms for getting ready and an outdoor ceremony space with a vintage chapel setting and you have a great combination. 

If you want sunshine and acres of space for portraits including wooden bridges and a small pond then consider choosing The Ranch at San Patricio. Shooting here is always fun and will afford any photographer several options for getting great shots and capturing natural sunlight at all times of the day. 

Katzfey Ranch

This venue is one of my favorites! I absolutely love how unique it is with large, barn enclosed space suitable for both the ceremony and reception space. What you'll really love is your view of the sunset that's completely unobstructed and is the PERFECT opportunity for portraits with the bride and groom or the wedding party while the sky is warm and inviting. 

One thing that makes this place stand out is their guests cottages which make it the perfect place to accommodate both you and your wedding party. You can get ready, celebrate and be able to party hard without having to worry about leaving. If you're looking to put plan an outdoor ranch wedding with an amazing sunset opportunity then Katzfey Ranch is your venue. You won't be sorry. 

Tell Dee I sent you.

Mansion by the Sea

The name says it all. This mansion, which was built by the owners, serves as your one stop shop for wedding day bliss. Situated in Aransas pass you'll find this three story venue just waiting for you to host your big celebration. Over the years this place has been built with the bride and groom to be in mind. At this venue there's no shortage of areas to shoot when it comes to snagging portraits of the bride and groom and with it being located right on the water you can experience cool evening breezes, warm sunsets and palm tree vibes.

If you are looking for an all in one wedding venue situated directly on the water that has been custom built just for weddings, then Mansion By The Sea is your choice. 

Mansion Royal

If you are looking for a full service venue that can host up to 500 guests then Mansion Royal might be the right choice for you. Located off the beaten path, Mansion Royal is tucked away off of SPID and can accommodate your wedding day all under one roof. If you are looking for an indoor venue to ensure that your wedding day is free from weather concerns and gives you the peace of mind that you need, Mansion Royal could be the perfect fit. 

The Museum of Science and History

For the couple looking for something different, the Museum of Science and History is a great choice. It offers a unique experience for the adventurous couple looking to get married. While you two tie the knot, afterwards your guests can browse the museum and learn more about the history of Corpus Christi and influential people, places and events that have contributed to what makes this city so cool. 

What I love the most about this venue is the view of the harbor bridge from the long outdoor walkway right behind the museum. This spot is GREAT for group shoots of the wedding party and portraits with the bride and groom. If you're looking for a wedding venue in Corpus Christi that is unique and offers a fun atmosphere for you and your guests, look into booking The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History for your wedding!

Corpus Christi has a little bit of everything when it comes to wedding venues. Indoor venues, outdoor beach venues and unique, hybrid venues that allow you to take the road less traveled. Whether you're looking for a venue that offers in-house catering, all in one packages or great views of the city, you can find exactly what you're looking for if you look in the right place. 

I wish you the best of luck in selecting your wedding venue in Corpus Christi and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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Travion & Stephanie's Canyon Springs Golf Club Wedding | San Antonio

One of the things I really enjoyed about connecting with Tray and Stephanie is that they are just good people. Both are teachers and they met while doing the teach for america program. I thought that was pretty awesome!

For their wedding they chose the Canyon Springs Golf Club as their venue and it was a great one! They had their first look by this awesome waterfall and it was great capturing their first moments seeing each other. And who doesn't love golf cart rides?? It was also cool to capture all of their friends as a lot of them are also teachers as well. After that, it was such a beautiful moment to watch Stephanie meet with both of her parents to give them each a hand written card and a gift to match. 

From their engagement session at the Tower of the Americas to their amazing wedding day, their story has been something that I have had an amazing time capturing. I'm so excited that I had the chance to capture another love story for an amazing couple. 


Jän & Jacqueline's Naval Air Station Wedding | Corpus Christi

I can only describe Jän and Jacqueline as two people who are deeply in love with each other. From their affectionate displays of PDA to the words of love expressed in their vows, it was such a pleasure to capture such an important day for them. 

The day was simple. We spent time together as everyone prepared for the ceremony and when all was set to go, we took a quick drive over to NAS-CCAD for the remainder of the day. I can't think of a better way to have spent a saturday than in the presence of two people who love each other unconditionally. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

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Jose & Karista's Mansion Royal Wedding

Jose and Karista contacted me with only a few weeks left until their wedding. They were in a bit of a time crunch and I was so excited that I was able to accommodate them on such short notice. We were even able to squeeze in an engagement session within a weeks time. Their wedding at Mansion Royal was one big party! A quaint ceremony followed by sentimental toasts and dancing, dancing, dancing! 

What I couldn't help but notice was the connection that Jose and Karista shared. When they were together it was just magic. Nothing else mattered and they were completely focused on one another. When two people are able to focus on one another like that, it allows me to capture amazing moments for them and that is what I always aim to do. I wish Jose and Karista nothing but the best as they begin their new life together as husband and wife. 

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