Evan & Journey's Naval Air Station Engagement Session | Corpus Christi

Evan is stationed in Corpus Christi and even though him and his fiancé Journey are getting married in Ohio next year, they decided to have their engagement session here in Texas. Journey flew on and we were able to spend about two hours together. It was great!

We started at Hans and Pat Suter Wildlife refuge where they were able to get nice and warm in from of the camera. Before heading to the base where Evan works we made a quick pit stop at an area I had been wanting to shoot at for years (literally) 

After there, on to the base where we stayed until sunset and captured an awesome shot of them on the 'runway.' Evan and Journey were amazingly kind, affectionate towards one another and were just plain fun to work with. I wish them love and happiness as they tie that knot next year. 


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Jeremy & Natalie's Mission Concepcion Engagement Session | San Antonio

This was my first time visiting one of the many Missions in San Antonio. Not sure what to expect I was surprised how many cool areas there were. Natalie and Jeremy brought the boys along and we made it a family affair. Can't wait to shoot their wedding in Costa Rica next year!

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Shane & Abbey's Bob Hall Pier Engagement Session | Corpus Christi

When the light is just right, everything else just takes care of itself. Shane and Abbey were so focused on each other and it was beautiful to watch them interact with one another. I'm so glad they made the drive down from San Antonio to spend some time with me. Bob Hall Pier was good to us. 

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Travion & Stephanie's Tower of The America's Engagement Session | San Antonio

This engagement session almost didn't happen which would have been a bummer. A storm was on the forecast that would have shut down any chance of shooting but luckily we were able to squeeze in a session right before the rain hit.

Travion and Stephanie wanted to spend time at the Tower of The Americas for their engagement session and they couldn't have picked a better place. This was my first time visiting this popular site, let alone shooting and it had so many great areas to choose from including several waterfalls, bridges and open areas. We spent some time exploring together and we were to walk away with some great memories. 

The best part? A group of people walked over and started chanting....."Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her!" Definitely the highlight of the day! lol. 

I can't wait to capture their wedding later this year in September! 

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Chris & Monica's In-Home Engagement Session

Chris & Monica decided to have their engagement session at their gorgeous new home over in Four Bluff. I couldn't wait to dive in and see what we could create together. Chris and Monica were the most loving couple EVER which made my job super easy. 

We started in the front yard and snagged a few photos before heading inside. They enjoyed a glass or two of champagne while we chatted more. Before heading to the backyard they cuddled up on the couch and watched a little SNL. Lol. (The family feud skits are always instant classics)

Once we made it outside again, the weather couldn't have been better. Not a cloud in the sky, the perfect temperature and no wind allowed us to enjoy our time to the fullest. Throw in two dogs and it was a party!

I can't wait to shoot their wedding next year at the CW Hill Country Ranch and I'm happy we were able to create these memories together. 

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