10 Awesome Engagement Session Locations in Austin, TX

10 Awesome Engagement Session Locations in Austin, TX 

One of the first goals I set for myself immediately after moving to Austin, Texas was to discover all of the great locations this city has to offer that I could use for engagement sessions. Whether it be driving around town intentionally searching for scenic spots, sliding through the city on a Bird scooter (my personal favorite) or making a quick run to o H-E-B, I began compiling a list of places I knew I wanted to shoot at once I began connecting with couples here. After I had a laundry list of places then came the fun part of shooting engagement sessions with as many couples as I possibly could.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the never-ending selection of unique and picturesque places I’ve been able to explore with engaged couples since I’ve been here and for those wondering where they might want to go to capture their own engagement session, I’ve put together a list of 10 of my favorite spots that I've enjoyed exploring in the short time that I’ve lived here in Austin. Enjoy!


One word, gargantuan! This park, situated in south Austin a few miles off of I-35, is an amazing location for engagement sessions, family sessions and the like. There is a perfect mixture of wide open spaces, trails and trees to give you a great variety of options when capturing moments with couples. There was a Greenbelt area but I wasn't able to find the path down to it during the hour or so I spent with my couple so I decided to try again next time. If you have a couple looking for an outdoor location in south Austin this would probably be your best bet.


Located on the west side of North Lamar just north of 15th street is Pease Park. This is another large size park that’s great for engagement sessions. What stood out in for me was the large tree sculpture that was constructed just one month after I moved here. After randomly driving by and seeing the sculptures in the distance I quickly whipped out my phone and it added this park to the growing list of spots I knew I would shoot at. After connecting with a great couple here I also discovered that there is a greenbelt area that you can climb down to that makes for some awesome, awesome environmental shots. This spot is centrally located and is great for couples living in the downtown area or near the UT campus.


I realized that this spot would be great for an engagement sessions after my clients suggested that we shoot there and I did some research on Google. Again, this is another very large park located in Northwest Austin off of capitol Texas highway and Lakewood Drive. This location provided for some great environmental shots as well as a wide open view of the sunset as it dips below the horizon. With several trails and the ability to incorporate the creek into your shots this is a very dope spot and would be convenient if you are coming from Lake Travis or The Domain. Don’t be afraid to kick your shoes off and explore the other side of the creek. It’ll be worth it.


If you want an absolutely amazing view of the Colorado River and the 360 bridge then look no further than Mount Bonnell. Located off of Mopac and 35th St, this was another spot that was suggested by a client of mine and I can see why it's one of the more popular spots in the city. It has great sunset views and a descending rock path that allows for tons of creativity and Golden hour warmth. It's not a spot I would shoot at often but it's definitely good to have it as an option when you want that one epic shot. Also, be mindful during the summer months because there is very minimal cover from the South Texas sun and you’ll be baking for most of the session. Bring water!


The first time I shot here I didn't get to explore every inch of the grounds but the second time around was when I really got to see what areas this park had to offer. Mueller Lake Park is located right off of Airport and Aldrich and is great for anyone living in central or east Austin. This Park has a small lake, plenty of trees and a long stone staircase that drops down right by the waters edge. On the other side of the lake there is also a walking trail that goes around the entire space on the opposite side of the large staircase and would be perfect for a golden hour vibe. This spot is a great all in one location or it could serve as a pit stop on your way to another location depending on how much time you have. You can’t go wrong either way. Also, there’s a coffee shop nearby and a small shopping area that would provide some variety for your shoot as well. If you haven’t been to Mueller Lake Park, be sure to pay a visit soon. They also have food trucks!!


This is a hidden gem that I drove by randomly and added to my list just in case and I’m so glad I did. From the wraparound walkway, the multiple bridges, oversized tree and hills, this very small park has a landscape of options to create amazing moments during your engagement session. Don’t be afraid to explore areas off of the beaten path and have fun with the space. The few times I’ve been, parking has never been an issue and the park is centrally located as well. Great for people who leave in central Austin and don’t want to make the drive to a scenic area. I really think this park will become a new favorite spot for you. Fun fact, the same couple that you see in the images above actually decided to have their wedding at this same park a few months later after we had our session. How cool is that?


I didn’t really know Lou Neff Point WAS Lou Neff point until Cesar and Alex (pictured above) took me there. If you slide over to Zilker Park, park on the Southside of Barton Springs road and take a walk East on the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike trail, you’ll walk straight into Lou Neff. We shot here during the winter months so there wasn’t any greenery but I could tell that in the spring and summer this place will be PERFECT for anyone wanting a shot of downtown Austin and Ladybird Lake with plenty of greenery. Like, it really doesn’t get any better. Along the way there are several walkways, bridges and paths to explore and who doesn’t enjoy a good walk, right? If you want THE shot of Austin, Lou Neff will make it happen. Side note: This is where Cesar proposed to Alex and they made the drive all the way from Corpus Christi for their engagement session!


After construction was finished on the new library location downtown, I knew I had to shoot there. I don’t do extensive location scouting these days, just a quick glance and either I’m inspired or I’m not. Although I added the library to my list it was a complete surprise as it had much more to choose from than I originally thought. From the abstract art pieces by the front entrance, the riverwalk area nearby or the ‘library’ sign on the westside of the building, the Austin Central Library is new, fun and a great spot to shoot if you’re looking for a downtown feel. Also, I love chilling at the library just to grab a cup of coffee. Fun Fact: This is where I did my recent photo shoot with local photographer Elissa. Want a cool spot to shoot? Pick the library!


The Barton Creek Greenbelt is one of many greenbelt areas that provides the chance for couples to take pictures in a scenic area without a 30 minute drive into the middle of nowhere. I drove by this particular area several times while driving to the mall on the 360 highway. This area was on my engagement session to do list for several months before finally getting it on the calendar. Right off the beaten path, this trail is great for anyone wanting an area that has water and rocks as well as some natural ‘cliffs’ that line the opposite side of the trail. If you want to have fun, walk a little further south on the trail and you can walk directly under the Capital of Texas Highway and get some shots there as well. The Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail is quite large but you won’t have to walk very far to capture great moments for your engagement session.


Last but not least, the Johnson Creek Greenbelt. If you park at the corner of 7th street and Atlanta on the west side of downtown Austin and walk across the street you’ll have easy access to one of the lesser known areas (if I had to guess) of the greenbelt systems here in Austin. This trail is part of a system of walkways and bridges that makeup the beginning (or end) of the trail that runs along the north side of ladybird lake. Although the hustle and bustle of traffic can be heard above, the area has a certain calm about it and won’t have much foot traffic to worry about. This creates a great atmosphere that will allow you to connect with your photographer and your significant other and enjoy the moment. If you’ve never been to this little slice of fun, check it out for yourself.

So. Many. Great. Spots. Seriously, I always describe Austin as the perfect blend of city and country. A bustling downtown with scenic areas less than a 10 minute drive away in any direction. When I moved to Austin in January 2018 I knew I would find great places to shoot but was unaware of just how many great spots I would have to choose from. In all honesty, this list easily could have contained 40 places but for now, I’ll leave you with 10. I hope that this quick blog will help you in choosing where you’ll shoot your engagement session and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish you the best!

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Cody & Ashley's Austin Engagement Session | Austin Wedding Photographer

Since moving to Austin I’ve had the chance to explore this great city with lots of great couples over and over again. I connected with Cody and Ashley via facebook and decided to take them to two places, one iconic and one lesser known. We started at Pease Park where we spent some time checking out a newly constructed natural sculpture made of tree branches and afterwards made a quick drive over to the Hope Outdoor Gallery.

This was my first time shooting at either location and needless to say I’ll be adding these two spots to my growing list of places that I’ll use to help couples celebrate their engagement through photos.

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Diane & Alex's Austin Engagement Session | Austin Wedding Photographer

Diane and Alex are getting married in Cancun later this year and I'll be adding a few stamps to my passport in the process. But before wheels up in November we connected to capture a few special moments together. We slid over to Nicholas Dawson Park and spent a little time together a few weeks ago. Although the humidity was INSANE we were able to share a few laught before the heat got the best of us. 

I can't wait to celebrate their wedding day with them in a few months!

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Vendor Spotlight: Pubcrawler of Austin


The peddler, Bonnie and the crew!

The peddler, Bonnie and the crew!

After learning more about the booming bachelorette party culture in here in Austin, Texas I decided to connect with Pubcrawler of Austin and photograph a pub crawl with a group of ladies from out of town. (More on why later) It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had as a photographer and definitely something that's on the top of my list of things I've done since living here. To say that Pubcrawler of Austin is something you have to do is definitely an understatement. Read on!

What is the Pubcrawler of Austin? As described on their website they are Austin's original pedal-powered pubcrawl. But if I had to describe it I'd say that it's one of the best ways for a group of up to 14 people to pedal, drink and laugh their way through the heart of downtown Austin, Texas. The process is pretty simple. When you show up, step one is to meet with your guide and after signing a quick waiver it's time to hop on your peddler. On this particular day, our guide was a cool cat by the name of Bonnie. As he describes it, "Yes! Bonnie with a 'B' and yes, just like Bonnie and Clyde. Shit happens!" After being briefed on the rules and regulations of the peddler it was off to the races! Just in case you’re wondering, the answer is yes! You have to pedal or the vehicle won’t move. It's very fitting that Pubcrawler of Austin has a simple motto...... Pedal Bitches!

Bonnie with the breakdown. Did you see his shirt by the way?

Bonnie with the breakdown. Did you see his shirt by the way?

The ladies were able to listen to any music they liked while on the peddler after Bonnie passed them the AUX cord (which is 100% clutch) and that set the stage for the entire time we were together. The pub crawl lasted about two hours as we made our way through Austin's downtown grid, stopping to hop out and explore the various bars/pubs in the immediate area. This is great for anyone looking to find a fun and unique way to learn more about the bar scene or anyone who is flying in from out of town and wants to experience Austin in a 'fast' and furious way. We stopped at the Tiniest Bar in Texas, Hangar Lounge and The Bling Pig Pub before wrapping things up at a nice lounge called LUX. Tons of action! Tons of great moments!

The thing I enjoyed the most was how much everyone was able to let their hair down and just have fun. The music was blasting, the drinks were cold and at times it felt like we were in our own little world separate from everyone else. People were taking photos of us, interacting with us, whistling, honking their horns and making the experience even more enjoyable. As a photographer I had an amazing time and by the end of the day I felt like I was one of the crew instead of just the photo guy. I met the coolest group of ladies who flew in from different parts of the country and it was great getting to know them while capturing great moments as they experienced downtown Austin for the very first time.

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to experience downtown Austin while grabbing drinks with friends and family or if you’re planning a bachelorette party and you’re looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon you absolutely need to get in touch with Pubcrawler of Austin. Tell Jennifer I sent you and be sure to let Bonnie know how cool his first name.

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Also, one quick announcement. I'm excited to launch Austin Bachelorette Photography! The first and BEST way to capture your bachelorette party here in the city of Austin, TX.

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10 wedding planners you should know in Austin, Texas

Austin is quickly becoming one of the hottest spots in the country to get married. From the seemingly unlimited amount of venue options, great choices for catering and a pinch of weirdness that you have grown to love and adore, Austin is where it's at. But before you get carried away make sure that you set yourself up for success by hiring a wedding planner.

Wedding planners save time, money and stress as they can juggle all of the tasks both known and unknown that come with planning a wedding while you sit back and let them work. I had the pleasure of interviewing each and everyone of these amazing wedding planners to learn more about how they got started in the business, what their experience has been and how they can be of service to the many brides here in Austin Texas. Learn about each one and if you are in the market for a wedding planner I think this will be a great start for you.

*keep in mind, planners are listed in no particular order or rank*

Ruth Toyin Koiki-Bajimi - SteadyPointConcept

wedding planner ruth toyin koiki bajimi

Ruth, the owner of SteadyPointConcept (SPC) has been planning weddings and events for over 10 years. Originally born in Nigeria, Ruth's journey into planning began when she landed a position that include coordinating events for the US Embassy and involved tradeshows, conferences, accommodations, registration and much more. She stayed in this position for 5 years before moving to Pennsylvania in 2012. She would eventually land in Austin a little less than a year ago.

Ruth got her start planning weddings and corporate events and social events alike. As far as formal training goes Ruth attended event planning school in 2012 in Pennsylvania to receive training in wedding planning and is currently pursuing an advanced diploma in special event planning and design at the North American wedding and Event Academy.

Ruth typically takes on 20 to 25 weddings per year to make sure she doesn't overload herself and her largest event today has included over 500 guests. Her favorite part of wedding planning is taking on the challenge of making every wedding different even if there are clients who have very similar requests. She feels as though it's her job to make every wedding unique no matter what.

When asked what piece of advice she had to offer brides planning a wedding she responded by saying that brides should definitely look to others for inspiration but always do something that makes their wedding their own. Her ideal client is someone with a clear vision of what they want who is looking for a planner to translate their vision into something both unique and authentic.

If you are wanting a planner with lots of formal training, experience planning in a professional setting and a culturally diverse background then Ruth would be a great planner to grab coffee with.

Jessica Moore -Something to Celebrate

wedding planner Jessica Moore

Jessica, the founder of Something to Celebrate, grew up in the wedding industry. With her parents owning a wedding videography business Jessica gained tons of behind the scenes exposure which has served her well. In March of 2005 Jessica began helping plan smaller events here and there and when friends started asking for her services she realized she had unique knowledge and decided it was time to launch her own business.

As far as formal training is concerned, Jessica has obtained a wedding planning certification from the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) and from LWPI, was the former Vice President of the Austin Wedding and Event Coordinators (AWEC), a former member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA) and is a founding member and president of the Association of Wedding Planners here in Austin (AWPA). Long story short, Jessica knows what she is doing! As of right now Jessica's company plans about 50 to 70 weddings per year and has planned close to 800 weddings total. Skills!

Under her brand, Jessica and her associate planners serve brides in both Houston and Austin with 3 to 4 planners in each location. Her ideal client is the professional bride and groom who are both heavily involved in the planning process. Jessica said that her biggest reward as a planner is the closure in seeing things come together for a couple. She enjoys the relationship that she forms with her clients and considers it a privilege to be such an intimate part of someone special day. As a planner, she also loves the flexibility it allows for her to do what she loves and spend time with family as well 

When asked what piece of advice she could offer brides she suggested that as a bride you shoudl decide early on what your goal is. Whether it be simplicity, publication or simply having the biggest celebration ever, decide what you want first and from there let everything unfold naturally.

If you are looking for someone who has been in the wedding industry for years, has TONS of experience and the education to match then consider Jessica and Something to Celebrate.

Courtney Hughes - ATX events

wedding planner Courtney Hughes

Courtney, an Austin native, comes from the tech world by way of marketing and sales. After climbing  the corporate ladder she realized it was time to pursue event planning as she was always planning parties and events for friends and family. Courtney started doing corporate events in March 2014 and since launching ATX events has planned over 50 events and weddings with her largest event being over 800 guests.

Courtney has two coordination assistants and a five person staff which includes bartenders and two catering companies that she works with exclusively. Courtney has a broad range of experience planning Christmas parties, housewarming parties, baby showers and corporate parties. The great part is that if you'd like to just hire a caterer or a bartender through her, you have that option as well.

Courtney's favorite part about planning weddings is seeing how happy clients are and experiencing the rewards of collaboration to deliver a brides vision. She suggests that brides don't delay in planning and begin at least a year in advance. The longer you wait the harder it is to get exactly what you want. Her ideal client is the bride that wants what they want, (has a clear visions) but be able to compromise when a planner suggests that an idea might not be able to work for one reason or another. It's OK to want what you want but be rational and understanding if things just aren't possible.

Courtney at ATX Events offers day of coordination as well as full wedding coordination. Courtney she has planned mostly American weddings but has started to branch out and plan Indian weddings as well. If you are looking for a planner who was born and raised in Austin and can offer exclusive catering services then Courtney and the staff at ATX events would be a great look for you. 

Jen Harbuck - Southern Unique Events

wedding planner jen Harbruck

By her own account, Jen sort of fell into the wedding industry. Before opening up Southern Unique Events (SUE) Jen was in customer service for nine years. She was given the opportunity to manage a venue for five years and after experiencing the joy and fulfillment that came with planning she decided to step out on faith and go to work on her own. The name Southern Unique Events coming from the fact that she believes every person’s wedding is unique and wants to incorporate a feeling of southern charm into the name.

With SUE you'll be able to enjoy a small boutique experience as Jen wants to be as involved as possible in every aspect of plan your wedding day. She typically only plans one wedding per week and after being in business a little less than three years has already planned almost 50 events. Jen typically books about 20 weddings per year with the largest guest count being about 350 people. She has booked many out-of-state clients who have flown in for their weddings and is looking for opportunities to travel in the near future. (Hawaii & Colorado being on her bucket list)

Jen's best piece of advice to future brides is to be organized and have a checklist. With the wealth of information available it's easier than ever and absolutely necessary to be organized to help avoid frustration, miscommunication and stress. Jens ideal client is someone who communicates their wedding needs, is going to have an open mind and is willing to trust her industry knowledge. In addition she wants to work with someone who values their own relationship and someone who will lean on her if they have any questions or concerns lastly do you just want to work with somebody who likes to have fun.

Additionally, Jen has teamed up with Malarie- Lazy Creek Designs, an awesome calligraphy artist who assists in wedding day coordination as well. So if you're looking to incorporate calligraphy into your wedding day then Jen already has someone ready to take care of you. I've seen her work and she is amazing at what she does. If you are looking for a boutique experience with a planner that is UBER involved from start to finish, Jen should be on your radar

Ashlee Voda - Mrs. Planner

wedding planner Ashlee Voda

With possibly the best name ever for a wedding planner, LOL, Ashlee began her wedding planning career in Dallas where she mentored and shadowed under other well established planners. Eventually Ashlee decided it was time to step out on her own in 2010. Thus, Mrs. Planner was born. Ashlee has a Bachelors of Science in Communications, is certified through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners and is a founding member and Treasurer of the Associated Wedding Planners of Austin (AWPA). With a little over eight years experience in planning, Ashlee has planned over 90 weddings and typically looks to book about 14 per year. Mrs. Planner has multiple offices in Texas and employs four associate planners to help on your wedding day.

Ashlee has planned most of her weddings in Texas with a the largest one having a guest count of 400. She's planned all types of weddings from Christian, Jewish, Nigerian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian weddings. Most of the clients who walk through the doors of Mrs. Planner end up with weddings that are custom built just for their unique wants. As far as the bulk of her business is concerned, about 95% of what she plans is weddings.

To Ashlee, the best part about being a Wedding Planner is learning about people and hearing their story. Ashlee's main goal is to take care of all the problems and concerns while the bride and groom are present in all the small moments. Her ideal client is someone who is down to earth and who has a clear vision of what they want for their wedding. Mrs. Planner is a go-to resource to help pull everything together.

Ashlee's one piece of advice for new brides is to take one thing at a time, one day at a time. To ultimately remember to keep your eye on the prize and know that Ashlee and her associates have your back no matter what. If you're looking for a wedding specialist as well as someone who has a diverse background in planning be sure to give Mrs. Planner a call. She'll take great care of you.

Cari Wible - Pink Parasol Designs & Coordinating

wedding planner cari wible

Cari first began her career with after obtaining a degree in fashion merchandising. She's always been helping with anything design related as a kid and after dabbling in photography she decided to transition into wedding and event planning after a styled shoot went viral and was picked up by BuzzFeed. Pair all of her experience with a genuine love of fashion and you have the perfect mixture of experience and natural abilities that make planners great. With 10 years of experience and over 100 weddings and counting, Cari offers wedding planning services under her business, Pink Parasol Designs & Coordinating. With the bulk of her events being weddings, she plans about 20 per year with the average size being about 150 to 200 guests. Most of which have an above average point. ($60K+)

Cari also manages a new wedding and event venue in Buda, Texas called The Carrington. This venue will be open to the public this year and can accomodate up to 225 guests. (The natural light in The Carrington is PERFECT by the way) Paired with her event planning service, Cari can offer the best of both worlds for her couples. The best part about wedding planning for Cari is the challenge of creating new and exciting ideas and attempting to always take her skills to the next level. Staying sharp in this industry is a MUST! Cari relies heavily on her business partner Franci Siriwardana in both businesses. Cari calls her the mom of the group because she keeps everything running and everyone inline.

Cari's ideal client is a bride who is very trusting and is extremely clear on the vision she has for her wedding day. The number one piece of advice she has for new brides is to go small business as much as possible. The reason being is that small businesses have more ownership over the process as it is their name and brand you'll be working with rather than a corporate entity. This level of ownership is of upmost importance for such a special day!

If you are looking for a perfectionist with a decade of experience and  extra experience in dealing with venues then get in touch with Cari ASAP! Also, if you have an above average price point for you big day, she'll definitely be able to take care of you. 

Lahoma Dade - Events Unleashed 

wedding planner Lahoma Dade

Born in Oklahoma City, Lahoma Dade has spent the last 11 years in Austin, Texas. Before event planning, Lahoma was in the banking industry where she dabbled in mortgage lending, training and development, marketing, sales and corporate event planning. It was after helping several members of her churches young adult and singles ministry that she started to realize that an event planner is a wonderful fit for her task oriented/project management skill-set and everything took off from there.

Planning weddings and events was a side-hustle for Lahoma for many years, but she took the leap with Events Unleashed four years ago officially with more than 10 years of experience planning weddings, corporate and non-profit events. Lahoma's staff is comprised of a mix of associate planners, interns and junior planners.

Lahoma plans about 40 events per year with a majority of those being weddings and the largest being a festival with more than 2,000 attendees. With a knack for planning unique, culturally infused weddings Lahoma loves brides who are movers and shakers and who trust her to do her job at the highest level. She also loves working with couples that respect each other.

Lahoma's favorite part about planning weddings is that special moment when she watches the bride and groom being able to fully experience the wedding day knowing she and her team were able to calm their fears and provide assurance. The one piece of advice that Lahoma can offer brides is to focus on what matters the most. Your marriage! Don't get caught up on your wedding more than your partner. Also make sure that you invest in a quality photographer and in yourself more than anything else. At the end of the day you are what matters most and the memories of your day needs to be preserved the best way possible.

If you are looking for a wedding planner who has knack for infusing culture into the details and has over 10 years experience in the Austin market and beyond then be sure to check in with Lahoma at Events Unleashed.

Janel Hanserd - Janel Elise Events

wedding planner Janel Hanserd

Having just moved here from Atlanta, Janel is new to Austin and looking to make a splash in the booming Austin market. Before wedding planning Jenelle worked in the marketing scene, planning corporate events as well. She boasts an impressive resume of 10 years of wedding experience in addition to internship experience and a wedding and event planning certification from Georgia Perimeter College. 

Since launching her company, Janel Elise Events, a little over five years ago Janel has planned over 75 weddings and typically plans about 20 per year. She's done lots of traveling as she's planned weddings in Florida, North Carolina, New York and Tennessee and has dealt with brides from all walks of life. Right now Janel is a one woman show and looks to connect with wedding professionals from all over the city.

Janel's favorite part about planning weddings is the relationships that develop with the brides. She also thoroughly enjoys the beginning of the creative process where her and the bride and groom initially come up with the concept of their wedding and begin brainstorming. That's when all the juices start flowing and everything starts to make sense. The best piece of advice Janel has to offer brides is that they be very specific and intentional about their guest count as this determines every single aspect of your wedding. From the catering budget to the size and availability of the venue, the size of the cake and so much more. Once you have this locked in everything else will fall into place

Janel equates hiring a wedding planner to taking a guide up a mountain that you plan on climbing for the first time. You may have watched videos and read books but when it comes to such a large and complex task why would you try to climb it yourself? Similarly, why would you try to plan your wedding when there are a myriad of professionals available to make sure everything runs smooth on the most important day of your life?

Janel's ideal client is a fun bride that doesn't take everything too seriously and prioritizes the aesthetics of the wedding. Janel feels strongly that the decor and feel of your wedding should reflect your own personality and she attempts to make that happen with each and every wedding she plans.

If you are looking to go with a wedding planner who has a formal education, experience from a different market and fresh ideas to bring to your vision then Janel is your go to.

Chelsa Cass - Modern Rebel

wedding planner Chelsa Cass

Chelsa's personal journey into the world of wedding planning unknowingly began as a child where she pretended to be a business owner in her great aunt and uncle's flower + balloon (funnily enough balloons are so in right now!) shop. Fast forward to present day where Chelsa operates Modern Rebel's remote location right here in Austin, Texas. Based out of Brooklyn and founded in 2015, Modern Rebel is an event planning and design company for progressive couples looking to plan their 'love party.' With more than five years of wedding planning experience Chelsa heads the Austin location.

Chelsa has experience planning events, retreats, bar mitzvah, birthday parties, stylish store fronts and openings as well as in addition to weddings. She loves planning the traditional sized wedding as well as more intimate weddings and elopements. At the core of what the does, Chelsa believes that when you are planning someone's wedding you should want to be that person's friend. With this idea in mind, Chelsa's skillset is the perfect compliment to a company like Modern Rebel that prioritizes not creating a manufactured wedding experience.

The best piece of advice Chelsa can offer couples looking to plan their wedding is to resist the temptation to cave into pressures from friends and family. Above all else, strive to maintain your ideas and budget and don't compromise your vision. After Modern Rebel planned a wedding for a couple at a concert hall where the couple performed their own concert afterwards is proof to her that as a couple you need to stick to your guns. Chelsa's ideal client is someone who trusts the process and team. When it comes to hiring a planner, or any wedding professional, it's important to know that they have your best interests at heart and that you should be trusting enough to give them the motivation to do what they do at the highest level.

With packages that include hands on, complete wedding planning down to simple, wedding day coordination and/or decor consultations Chelsa and Modern Rebel are the perfect combination of attention to detail and dedication to authenticity. For the alternative couples looking for a wedding experience that doesn't compromise their personal perspectives or views, you absolutely need to grab a latte with Chelsa and talk more about your wedding.

Satori Maya - The Blueprint Events & Design

Image by Biyani Photography

Image by Biyani Photography

Satori has spent an entire decade of planning weddings and events all in Austin, Texas. She's always been involved in the wedding industry as her mom use to own and operate weddings venues. Since opening The Blueprint in September of 2008, Satori has planned over 230 events in every major city in Texas, Panama, Costa Rica, France and Dubai and also has two locations, one in Colombia and another in Dubai. WOW! Satori has several certifications the association of wedding planners and is constantly attending floral design seminars and design conventions to stay current on all trends. She also has been featured as a guest speaker on several conventions as well, placing her at the forefront of wedding planning trends year after year. Not to mention, she's been selected as the best fusion wedding and event planner in Austin by The Knot USA since 2012. 

Satori's best piece of advice for anyone planning a wedding is that it is of utmost importance that you value the connection you have with your planner above all else. If you don't connect with the people that are going to work with you then you shouldn't hire them regardless of reputation, reviews etc. You need to feel completely comfortable at all times. Her favorite part about planning weddings with her clients is the connection that they form over time as they connect, plan coordinate and bounce ideas back and forth between one another. She enjoy watching their relationship grow as everything culminates on their big day. 

Satori's ideal client is the couple that allows her to create new memories for them and trusts her expertise and experience throughout the entire process. Satori and her team of 5 are as dedicated and committed as they come and when they put their collective knowledge and ideas together, they are able to create magic. There's nothing better than having clients who sit back and confidently allow you to do what you do.

Whether you're looking for boho, gothic, fusion or Indian inspired wedding, Satori and her team over at The Blueprint have a depth of cultural knowledge that can be matched by few and the fact that have active partnerships with W Hotels, The Hilton, JW Marriott, the Doubletree and many more, you can rest assured knowing that they have connections and influence that go a long way. Whether you're looking to plan a 3 days events with hundreds of guests or an intimate gathering of friends from around the world, Satori will take amazing care of you. 

And there you have it. 10 awesome wedding planners, all of which with their own unique strengths and approach to planning your big day. Whether you're planning a large celebration or an intimate gathering, a culturally infused family affair or a luxurious gala, this list of planners is the perfect springboard in your journey towards choosing someone to help pull off your wedding day celebration. Be sure to check them out and don't forget to tell them I sent you.


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