Coby & Erika's Hideout on the Horseshoe Wedding | Austin Wedding Photographer

The true definition of a love story! I've been waiting oh so patiently to shoot this wedding since last year and what a time I had celebrating with everyone who was in attendance. From the emotional first look to the french toast that made me feel as though I hadn't truly lived yet, Erika and Coby's wedding day was nothing short of amazing. 

How We Connected

If you checked out the engagement session I blogged about Coby and Erika you'd know that I met Erika at a Big Brothers, Big Sisters event I covered in Houston in 2017. I may have said hi to her two or three times throughout the evening as I was in 'work' mode making sure I captured everything I needed to. (You can check out the gallery from that event here.) After delivering the final product I received an email from Erika asking if we could speak further about wedding photography. The rest is history I suppose. 

After we decided to move forward they were so kind to treat me to dinner after I shot their engagement session in Houston and it was amazing getting to know more about them and how they met. Coby put the moves on Erika when he gave her a stuffed koala bear on their first date and boom! Marriage. lol. 

The Ceremony

Coby and Erika choose to celebrate their wedding day at the GORGEOUS Hideout on The Horseshoe wedding & event venue. This venue was literally next level as the upper portion of the venue was home to several of cabins and views of the Guadalupe River while the ceremony/event space was located down a long, stone staircase right next to the water's edge. The ceremony was filled with emotion as Erika and Coby swapped both vows and tears in front of their closest friends and family. Afterward, there were family photos, laughs and unscripted dog kisses by one of the groomsmen as we prepared to make the trek up the stone staircase to get the party started.

The Reception

Where do I begin! I'm not sure if I've ever enjoyed a wedding reception as much as this one. First things first, the food was on another level!! Erika and Coby brought in Root Cellar Catering Co. and they shut it down. My favorite part was the shrimp and grits and the french toast! I took one bite and the heavens opened up with a sea of angels who whispered in my ear, 'boy you better eat some more!' I'd be lying if I told you I had less than three plates. 

Don't get me started on the band. Austin Party Band (APB) brought the house all the way down and I found myself grooving while behind the camera all night. They performed renditions of lots of popular songs and Theresa, one of the lead singers, was awesome! She mingled with the crowd, cracked jokes and put everyone in the mood to party! Highlight of the evening though? When Coby hopped on stage in front of everyone and performed a flawless cover of Rappers Delight. Dude has bars!!

This was one of those weddings that after you get in your car to drive away you pause for a moment and just send a quick thank you prayer up to God. Thank you for connecting me with such an amazing couple and thank you for giving me the desire to capture such important moments for such great people. Congratulations Erika and Coby on your marriage and I can't wait to see what you two accomplish together!


Venue: Hideout on The Horseshoe

Planning & Coordination: Clearly Classy Events

Catering: Root Cellar Catering Co.

Band: Austin Party Band

Cake: 2 Tarts

Hair & Makeup: Adorne Artistry

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JUST DON'T: Why you shouldn't hire your 'friend' to shoot your wedding.

WARNING! I am not writing this blog post to be mean, condescending or to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m also not writing this in hopes that you will hire me to shoot your wedding. I am writing this blog post because I do not want you to be that bride who ends up with the story of how you got your photos back from your ‘photographer’ and you were crushed, devastated, heartbroken and/or any other synonym that describes a negative emotion. That being said, listen to me very carefully. 

Please do NOT hire your cousin, uncle or family friend to shoot your wedding. Let me explain……

It’s every photographers nightmare when a bride inquires about their services, they connect over the phone or in person and then after what seems to be the best consultation in the world, she ultimately decides to hire a family friend or a relative, uncle or cousin to shoot her wedding instead. But let me be clear. We’re not upset that we didn’t get the business. Not even close. We are upset that you are choosing NOT to hire a professional. This would be similar to walking into a five-star restaurant, looking at the menu and then saying to the waitstaff, “I think I’ll just go to McDonald’s instead.” 

There are a few key reasons why this is a bad idea. The first being that there’s a chance that a ‘friend’ is just not going to care as much as a professional would. We’ve all heard the story of the ‘friend’ who had a few too many drinks and pretty much didn’t shoot ANY images during the reception they were supposed to be covering. When you don’t have that client/vendor relationship then the lines can get blurred between what your photographer should and should not do and you just don’t want that. A professional’s number one job at your wedding is to capture everything. Our sole purpose of being present at your wedding is to do all we can to help you remember your day and when you don’t hire a professional, there's no guarantee you’ll get that level of dedication. 

Secondly, your friend just isn’t going to be as good as a professional. In order to do what we do at even a decent level you have to be well-versed in posing, lighting, angles, perspective, dynamic range and an infinite list of other things that your ‘friend’ just doesn’t know. Contrary to the widely popular belief, having a ‘good’ camera is not a pre-requisite for trusting someone with the most important day of your life. The person behind the camera makes the magic. 

Now, if your ‘friend’ just happens to be an actual photographer with a portfolio and experience to match then by all means, hire them. That’s a win-win situation for everybody. BUT, if your ‘friend’ is just somebody who owns a decent camera and only takes pictures at your family reunion and the company Christmas party then you are potentially setting yourself up for the heartbreak of a lifetime. I know that’s not what you want. 

Now bear with me for one moment and ask yourself this question. Have you ever considered the idea that it might be in your best interest to pay a little bit more for your wedding photography? Just let that marinate for a second if you would. I was at the annual WPPI conference in Las Vegas in February of this year (2018) and a photographer by the name of Bambi Cantrell posed this question during a class she was teaching.

Of all the things that you pay for on your wedding day, not looking to a professional to hand craft the story of your wedding day is just not a good look. I mean, your photographer is literally the ONE person on the planet who is responsible for how you will remember your day. If you don’t think that’s serious then you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

To sum things up, I am fully aware that there are some couples who simply don’t care about their wedding day photos. They view them as a necessary evil more than anything. That’s completely ok. BUT if you care about the memories of your wedding day and you really want photos that tell your story, then you must set your sights on hiring a professional. That's the bottom line. 

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Marcus & Caitlin Katzfey Ranch Wedding | Austin Wedding Photogtrapher 

How we connected

Marcus and Caitlin found me on google. They live in College Station and were planning a wedding down in George West which is a little over an hour from Corpus Christi. They said that after visiting my website for the first time they had to reach out. I'm so glad they did! After speaking over the phone, a couple days later I was happy that they decided to trust me to shoot their wedding! 

The Ceremony

Marcus and Caitlin chose to have their wedding at Katzfey Ranch, nestled close to George West. Having shot there before I knew we'd be able to snag some awesome sunset images as well as some cool shots of the venue and it's open area, ranch themed space. As violins played softly in the background, Marcus was looking ultra fresh in his prince inspired purple jacket that takes the cake for best dressed groom of 2017. His bride Caitlin wore a strapless dress with flower accents and (my favorite feature) hidden pockets. I saw those pockets and went nuts. lol. 

The sun was beaming behind them as they exchanged vows in front of their friends and family. Weddings in Bloom took it to the next level with their large, barrel floral arrangements, bouquets and table accents and Marcus and Caitlin said I do to the cheers and applause of everyone. 

The Reception

Video games! The bride and groom put together video game themed table arrangements with character coasters as keepsakes for their guests. Along with that, guests enjoyed heart shaped tins, candy bags and candles. After dinner was the best part. Great music, dancing and Marcus surprised Caitlin by singing to her! Guests loved it so much that he was greeted with chants of 'One More Song" before eventually singing a second tune. After it was said and done, the two said farewell with a nerf gun sendoff. 

These two were so much fun to work with. Patient, fun and (most importantly) completely in love with each other. One of my favorite weddings of 2017 hands down! 

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Brandon & Kindell Ranch at San Patricio Wedding | Austin Wedding Photographer

How we connected

I met Kindell in the fall of 2016 at a wedding that I was shooting. She was one of the vendors there and asked for one of my business cards at the end of the evening. A few months later we scheduled a consultation and the rest is history! 

The ceremony

Kindell and Brandon had a beautiful wedding at the one and only Ranch at San Patricio, about 35 minutes west of Corpus Christi. Their ceremony was held outdoors in front of the mini chapel with an indoor reception held in their awesome ballroom. One thing I loved was the floral arrangements Kindell and Brandon had. Amazing, full bouquets for the ladies and flowers adorning the ends of the pews as well as the chapel that the bride and groom were standing in front of. Kindell’s bridesmaids all had different dresses and looked absolutely amazing while the groomsmen were suited up in blue suits with classic brown shoes and boots.

The reception

The reception was awesome! My favorite part was during the song SHOUT when everyone on the dance floor all tried to see who could break it down the lowest. I also thought it was cool that the DJ had a projector going with a slideshow of Kindell and Brandon’s relationship over the years. But the highlight of the night was during the bride and grooms first dance as they absolutely put on a show. Next level skills!

I know I say this a lot, but Kindell and Brandon are such an amazing couple and they were so easy to work with. All of their family were so welcoming throughout the entire day as well and their wedding day celebration was definitely one to remember. 

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Jamie & Emma London Engagement Session | Austin Wedding Photographer

I mean, it's London. You can literally put on a blindfold, throw a dart at a map of central London and end up with TONS of great places to shoot with your couples. I am legitimately jealous of anyone who lives in this city. Jamie and Emma, who were the perfect couple, were also referred to me by Bianca whose engagement session I shot while in London too. 

The first thing I remember thinking when I met Jamie and Emma was how great their outfits were. Especially considering it was a chilly 40 degrees out with some INSANE winds that had us taking breaks every now and then to warm our hands up. But you'd never be able to tell the way they were so comfortable with each other in front of the camera. 

These two amazing people are getting married next year and I couldn't be happier for them. 

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